Wildcats tinker to find right mix

St. Paul senior Bailey Lukasiewicz and the Wildcats at practice (KHGI)

They're no stranger to success on the volleyball court, but what's in store for the St. Paul Wildcats after losing several key starters from last year?

"We haven't really named our starting line–up yet and we haven't really figured out what group plays best together," said head coach Matt Koehn-Fairbanks.

Racking up 32 victories last season, St. Paul faces the challenge of filling in the big holes of last year's graduating class who helped achieve such great success, including the third state appearance in school history.

"Those we're three really big holes to fill and we've also been trying to fill in around Hayley Fox who's just coming back from an injury right now. She was supposed to be our leading attacker from last year that was coming back and then she hurt her knee at the end of last year," Koehn-Faribanks says.

The Wildcats have budding new faces and the same competitiveness seen in recent years, with each player working at every position to earn a chance to start.

"We've been just trying different people at different spots and seeing what's working and what's going to fit best with our team and what group of girls works best and plays best together," said senior Bailey Lukasiewicz.

The Wildcats getting off to a 4–2 start with their only losses coming against teams combined to be 8–1.

St. Paul returns to action next Tuesday at Centura.

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