This Saturday, November 3, 2007, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED: AMERICA FIGHTS BACK will be airing the following cases.


Las Vegas Broadcast Features Malicious Misses,

Female Fugitives ... And One Truly Bizarre Suspect

Detroit, Michigan...ANNETTE SANCHEZ / GIOVANNI RUANOVA...Cops say Annette Sanchez was willing to do anything for her drug-running boyfriend -- including lie to the police. When cops found $9000 in her purse, she said it was money she'd earned by stripping, according to authorities. Detroit cops say they might've even bought her story ...except for the $1.8 million of dirty money hidden in the trunk of her car.

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Las Vegas, Nevada...CHESTER STILES CAPTURE...Cops in Nevada have announced that the nationwide manhunt for Chester Stiles has ended. The 37-year-old fugitive was apprehended during a routine traffic stop and faces up to 24 charges related to the alleged videotaped sexual assault of an underage girl and an incident involving the molestation of a 6-year-old girl in 2003. One of the arresting officers, Mike Dye, stated in a press conference that Stiles admitted at the time of his arrest that "he was Mr. Stiles, the person wanted on America's Most Wanted."

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Los Angeles, California...CANDY ELLEN SRICHANDR...Candy Ellen Srichandr played in a boys world. She was an accomplished graffiti artist in her own right and on the streets her name was Jel - short for jealous. That jealousy turned deadly when cops say she was involved in the shooting death of an up-and-coming young artist.

Austin, Texas; Roseville, California; Lynnwood, Washington...PONYTAIL BANDIT...The FBI is searching for a young woman who robbed banks in three states within a one month period. The string of heists began in Texas, but her spree continued 2,000 miles away from where she started. Now, authorities need your help to find her.

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Nationwide...ESTHER ELIZABETH REED...The case of Esther Elizabeth Reed centers around two disappearances, a number of stolen identities and a long trail of clues. The story captivated the nation and this Saturday night, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED reveals new information about the case.

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Portland, Oregon...DAVID WAYNE FRENCH...David Wayne French lived with his roommate, 51-year-old Frank Johnson, for five years. However, Portland cops say those living arrangements came to an end when French, who is transgender and known by the alias Zalia Crizta or "Z", got angry, bludgeoned Johnson to death, and eluded police by jumping out of their apartment's third story window.

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