America's Most Wanted

    This SATURDAY, April 4, 2009, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

    Lancaster, California...JESUS "CHUY" CANALES...In the early morning hours of June 12th, 2008, police say Jesus ‘Chuy' Canales picked up a sword and murdered his live-in girlfriend of eight years, Lucy Preciado, in front of her children. Lucy's nine-year-old daughter, Marina, dialed 9-1-1 in a heroic effort to save her mother's life. By the time help arrived, Canales had fled the scene and cops need your help to bring him to justice.

    Atlanta, Georgia...UNKNOWN MAMADOU BARRY KILLERS CAPTURE...When the ATF busted three suspects, Jeremy Dunn, Marciell Easterling and Daquan Stevens, for the brutal murder of Atlanta businessman Mamadou Barry, they had no idea that the information these men had would lead to arrests in seven unsolved murder investigations.

    Sky Valley, California...EDWARD LEBLANC...Friends and family say Kristin Miner was a shy, thoughtful and caring person who often doted on her friends' children. In 2007, when Kristin had fallen on tough times,she made a new friend-- a man named Edward LeBlanc. However, when Kristin turned up dead, authorities traced the clues back to LeBlanc, who is now the prime suspect in her murder.

    Holbrook, Arizona...MARTIN DELAROSA GONZALEZ... On an autumn morning in 2008, a barrage of bullets rang out at a party in a local mobile home. Cops say the assailant killed one, injured three others and is hiding out somewhere in the American southwest, along the Texas-Mexico border.

    Eugene, Oregon...RICKEY ALLEN ROBBINS... Robbins is wanted for jumping parole days after he was released from an Oregon prison. Multiple times in the last few weeks, authorities say that someone resembling Robbins has been spotted at the Indiana University South Bend Campus. Now, the manhunt for the serial sex offender continues and authorities believe he could be somewhere in Indiana or on the west coast.

    Phoenix, Arizona...JUAN SALVADOR ACEVEDO... Authorities are on the lookout for Juan Salvador Acevedo, a man who they say broke into a Phoenix townhouse and attempted to molest two young sisters. Acevedo's rap sheet also includes an arrest for peeping at another young girl and cops believe he could be continuing his antics.

    Fresno, California...JEFFREY MARSHALL UPDATE...When the short courtship of Elizabeth "Lynne" Waterson and Jeffrey Marshall ended, the ambitious, beautiful Lynne continued to deflect Marshall's unwanted advances. For months, cops say an obsessed Marshall stalked his former girlfriend and refused to take no for an answer until one day in April 2007, when he took his twisted infatuation to a deadly breaking point. Now AMW needs your help to track this accused killer who's on the run.

    Hot Springs, Virginia...BEACHER HACKNEY... Authorities in Virginia are searching for Beacher Ferrel Hackney, a resort worker who they say shot and killed two people at the Homestead, a luxury golf and spa destination in the Allegheny Mountains. Hackney fled on foot, and cops say he is considered armed and dangerous.

    West Los Angeles, California...UNKNOWN CARVELL BAKER KILLER...Cops in west Los Angeles are trying to piece together a murder mystery involving a homeless man and the man who shot him in cold blood. Luckily, authorities were able to get surveillance video of the murderer before and after the incident, and they hope that the public can help identify a killer.

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