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This SATURDAY, July 18, 2009, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

Conroe, Texas...GLEN HOLMES ...In 2006, Cops say Glen Holmes Jr. killed a man after carjacking him in Conroe, Texas. According to police, Holmes then held up a drive-thru Mexican restaurant, demanding tacos to go. Now, cops say Holmes may be lying low in New Orleans or Houston, and they need help finding him.
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Washington, D.C....OMAR GARRIS... Cops say Omar Garris, a suspected D.C. gang member, opened fire on three innocent bystanders after mistaking them for neighborhood rivals who killed his brother. Police say Garris wounded two of his three intended targets, but luckily, they all survived. Garris could still be hiding out in the D.C. area.
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Kansas City, Kansas...ERNESTO ROJAS FERNANDEZ ... On February 8, 2009, cops say Ernesto Fernandez shot and killed his girlfriend while she slept at his home. Shortly after, police say Fernandez called 9-1-1 to confess his crime. Now, authorities think he may be hiding out in Mexico.
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Burlington, Vermont...EDWARD CAMPBELL...Edward Campbell, a repeat offender, has once again been charged for illegally distributing Oxycontin in Burlington, Vt. Cops say Campbell was the kingpin of a small drug organization, and they're hoping that AMW can help force him to close up shop for good.
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South Padre Island, Texas...DENNIS WAYNE CAPPS... In what started as a robbery, cops say Dennis Wayne Capps bludgeoned a man with a frying pan and then beat him to death with a television inside of a Texas mobile home. Authorities say that Capps should be considered extremely dangerous, and that he was recently added to the Texas Department of Public Safety's Top Ten Most Wanted list.
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Plantation, Florida...PIERRE DOMVILLE CAPTURE...Cops say Pierre Domville lured a 15-year-old girl to his apartment and brutally raped her. Less than two months later, after being featured on "America's Most Wanted," Domville, himself, called the AMW hotline to turn himself in.
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Fort Wayne, Indiana...UNKNOWN APRIL TINSLEY KILLER...More than 20 years ago, Fort Wayne, Indiana was rattled when 8-year-old April Tinsley was raped and murdered. Now, her killer is still on the loose, taunting police and leaving sadistic messages for neighborhood children.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...ALEXIS FLORES... On July 29, 2009, cops say Alexis Flores raped and murdered 5-year-old Iriana Dejesus before dumping her body in a Philadelphia apartment complex. On each anniversary of Iriana's murder, her mother hosts a small celebration to honor her daughter's life. Last year, AMW pitched in to make the celebration bigger and better than ever. As the tragic anniversary approaches again, we're hoping to give Iriana's mom a new reason to celebrate, by putting Flores behind bars.
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Michigan City, Indiana... MARK BOOHER and LANCE BATTREAL... Earlier this week, cops say convicted killers Mark Booher and Charles Smith, and convicted rapist Lance Battreal escaped from the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. Within 24 hours, Smith landed back behind bars, but police need help catching Booher and Battreal before somebody gets hurt.
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