America's Most Wanted

This SATURDAY, November 14, 2009 on AMERICA’S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

Union County, New Jersey…LUQMAN ABDULLAH…Luqman Abdullah was an honor student and track star at his New Jersey high school. But police say instead of using those talents to escape his crime-ridden neighborhood, he used them to run it -- outsmarting and outlasting rival drug dealers.

Tempe, Arizona…UNKNOWN DAVID LOPEZ KILLER… Police say a man somehow befriended a 19-year-old on a bus, made his way into the young man's apartment, robbed him and stabbed him to death. He was seen by the teen's roommate and captured on the bus's video camera, but cops need your help to identify him.

Sayerville, New Jersey… PRINCE ALVARADO…. He wanted to be a celebrity, and he called himself "God." Cops say aspiring D.J. Prince Alvarado won't get his time in the limelight; instead he will be hunted as a fugitive for trying to kill four people.

Milton, Georgia…CAPTURE: KISHA RUTLEDGE…U.S. Marshals arrested Kisha Rutledge at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Cops in Milton, Georgia say the escort service owner had one of her clients killed because he was paying his prostitutes directly, cutting out the vicious madam's commission.


Oakland, California… Damon ferreira …. Oakland Police detectives say they are rushing to put an end to the manhunt for Damon Joseph Ferreira, following a double murder in Oakland, California.

Meredith, New Hampshire… james hill …. After faking his own death and wrecking a stolen yacht, cops say someone spotted accused arsonist James Lyman Hill alive and well in southern Florida. Now, he's on the run once again, and police aren't going to fall for the same trick twice.

Prince Frederick, Maryland… Larry deffenbaugh …. As the owner of a Maryland cemetery, investigators say Larry Deffenbaugh ripped off more than 500 grieving families. He missed a court date in May 2009 -- and cops say he tried to fake his own death to get away.

Cumming, Georgia… Marcus tillman …. Cops say Marcus Tillman fled in the middle of his trial for molesting two young boys. He was convicted, but cops need your help to find him so he can serve the 40-year sentence for his disgusting crime.

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