America's Most Wanted

This SATURDAY, January 16, 2010 AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

Sacramento, California …SACRAMENTO baby killer…The lives of a father and his seven-month-old son were violently taken in what may have been a robbery gone bad in Sacramento, California. Authorities still need your help in bringing down two killers responsible for their senseless deaths.

Las Vegas, Nevada …Robert jackson… A fight between rival gangs at a popular watering hole erupts in gunfire on the Las Vegas strip. Bullets hit four innocent bystanders seriously wounding a Californian woman celebrating her bachelorette party. Cops say alleged gang member Robert Jackson is responsible for the barrage of bullets and they want him behind bars before he strikes again.

Northern California …nor cal rapist… For the past two decades, citizens of Northern California have been haunted by a man police call the Nor Cal Rapist. Law enforcement officials have linked this predator to assaults on 10 women in six counties since 1991. Police are asking for the public's assistance in tracking him down.

New Albany, Mississippi …Janet and ramon barreto… When cops searched Janet and Ramon Barreto's home to investigate a child death, they never dreamed they would unlock the doors to such horror. Roaches fell from the ceiling. Food and feces festered on the floor. The worst was yet to come…eight starving Guatemalan children were also inside the home. Some of them had been beaten and tortured.

Geneva, New York …alfonso whitfield… Alfonso Whitfield, who is wanted for violently stabbing his pregnant girlfriend over 20 times, is still on the run. Police think Whitfield's rage is far from over and they need your help to bring him down before any more brutality takes place.


Fort Wayne, Indiana …Jamie garcia… After 22 years, this sex offender is still on the run. Jamie Garcia pled guilty to seven counts of child molestation in 1986 and after getting out on bond he disappeared. Cops are hoping that viewer tips will lead to his whereabouts before any more innocent children are hurt.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada …Christopher meer… Cops say Canadian Christopher Meer played a major role in organizing multiple crimes, including arson, extortion, obstruction of justice as well as several other charges. Christopher Meer has successfully eluded authorities but cops say he is in the United States and they are hopeful that someone will recognize this dangerous man.

Chicago, Illinois …miguel MARTINEZ… Cops say Miguel "Fat Mike" Martinez has evaded the long arm of the law for long enough. He is wanted for conspiracy to commit multiple shootings, homicides and other firearms-related violent crimes – all stemming from an alleged gang war with rival gangs. Cops believe Martinez is armed and dangerous and when he's found, he will face life imprisonment for his violent, hedonistic, gangster lifestyle.

Cambridge, Massachusetts…arnold gabbidon… Detectives say that Gabbidon, upon his release from prison after serving over a decade for previous violent crimes, turned his sights on an old girlfriend. He stalked his victim until he finally cornered her. Cops say Gabbidon stabbed her repeatedly, even slashing her throat and then left her for dead. She survived the brutal attack but lives in fear knowing that Gabbidon is on the run. He's now on the Massachusetts State Police's Most Wanted List and it's time to take him down.

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