America's Most Wanted

This SATURDAY, February 27, 2010 AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be airing the following cases.

Belize City, Belize …ROBERT SNYDER CAPTURE… A child molester thought he escaped justice by fleeing to a Caribbean paradise in August of 2008. But we tracked him down and now he's back in a Colorado jail. Robert Snyder used chess to lure his small victims. When captured in Belize City, he had started another chess club. Police were finally able to nab him this past December using tips from the AMW hotline! Snyder currently awaits sentencing now scheduled for March 2010.

Bland County, Virginia …WALLACE THRASHER… After a short stint in the U.S. Navy, Wallace (Wally) "The Squirrel" Thrasher entered the dangerous, fast-paced world of international drug smuggling. He'd fly cocaine and marijuana from the Caribbean into Virginia and walk away with suitcases of cash. Local and federal agents were tracking his illegal trade in Virginia when he suddenly disappeared. Thrasher reportedly died in a plane crash in Jamaica in 1984 and then was said to have been killed in another crash in Belize. Authorities say he's still alive and on the run. The last tip placed him at a resort in Belize.

Washington, D.C. …TOBECHI ONWUHARA… Tobechi "Tobe" Onwuhara came to the U.S. from Nigeria on a student visa; however, Onwuhara wasn't putting his energy towards a college degree. Instead he devoted his time to researching and developing schemes, which made him millions of dollars. According to police, Onwuhara is now running his biggest operation yet… using internet databases to access victims' identities. Over the past three years, this scheme has netted him and his accomplices over $40 million. Onwuhara remains on the move and investigators say he could be hiding out in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, or Canada.

Alexandria, VA …JOHN HAMILTON… John Hamilton was a respected member of the community and a popular little league baseball coach. That all changed when a 24 year-old man told police as a child he was molested by Hamilton. In the past year several other victims stepped forward. Hamilton was to be sentenced last fall, but he cleaned out his bank account and headed to Germany. Police say his possible current locations include Denmark or areas close to U.S. military bases in Germany.

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