America's Most Wanted Celebrating it's 100th Episode

This SATURDAY, March 6, 2010 AMERICA'S MOST WANTED will be celebrating its 1000th episode…a milestone in television history. The achievement is being honored by President Barak Obama who granted host John Walsh an exclusive interview from the White House.

From the White House …PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA … In an in-depth interview President Obama and John Walsh discuss the impact the show has had on thousands of victims and millions of Americans over the past 22 years. The Administration's crime fighting initiatives are discussed along with the White House's intention to target and prosecute "White Collar" criminals, which also have been a recent focus of AMW. Additionally, John Walsh tells the President about the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and the need for Congressional funding. President Obama assured John Walsh that his administration will work towards supporting this Act. Tune in on Saturday to view the complete interview.

Newark, New Jersey …MYFIT DIKA & KUJTIM LIKA… "Mike" Dika and "Timmy" Lika are identified as leaders of the Albanian mob and both have quite a rap sheet. Dika spent 10 years in the pen for refusing to talk about drug dealing associates. While his partner was in prison, Lika allegedly continued to deal in every illegal item imaginable- from drugs and steroids to firearms and bootleg sneakers. Their latest operation, "Operation Black Eagle," was busted in March 2009, but somehow, the pair got away. Cops recently tracked Dika down in Canada, but his buddy is still out there. AMW needs your help to track down Timmy Lika.

Rosenberg, Texas …ALBERT JAMES TURNER… Turner served as a corrections officer for 18 years in Texas; now, he is on the other side of the law. He went on the run December 2009 after he allegedly slashed to death his wife and mother-in-law in front of the couple's four children. The murders happened the day after his wife Keitha and kids moved out their house to escape his physical and mental abuse. Authorities found his partially submerged car in the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta just three days after the crime, but he could be anywhere. Authorities are asking the public to help catch this cold-blooded killer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania …ALEXIS FLORES… On July 29, 2000, five-year-old Iriana DeJesus disappeared. A few days later, her body was found in a trash bag in a deserted building…raped and murdered. After six years cops got a break when DNA from the crime scene match a man arrested for forgery in Arizona. Unfortunately, when they went to investigate they found that Alexis Flores already had served his time and had been deported back to his native Honduras. Flores could be back in America now and officials need your help to bring this man to justice.


Geronimo, Oklahoma …AJA JOHNSON… 8-year-old Aja Johnson is missing and Oklahoma cops believe she was abducted by her stepfather, Lester Hobbs. Hobbs is who is wanted in connection with the murder of the missing girl's mother whom he was married too. Tonya's body was found in Hobbs' RV, but her daughter Aja and Hobbs were nowhere to be found. Hobbs' had threatened to hurt Aja in the past and there is deep concern for her safety. The pair could be anywhere in the country and authorities are asking the public for help.

Collier County, Florida …ADJI DESIR… Six-year-old Adji Desir has been missing since January 10, 2009. While visiting his grandmother for the day, Adji (Ji Ji) went outside to play with some friends, but never returned. Police say it's important to note that Adji is developmentally disabled. He understands Creole, but cannot speak it. He is only able to speak about five words in English. At first police were hoping that Adji simply wandered off and was lost, but they now think he was abducted. Officials need your help finding the young boy and bringing him home to his worried family.


Seattle, Washington …NICK SULLIVAN (Recovered Missing Child)… John Walsh reconnected with one of the many children AMW has helped to recover. Nick Sullivan, now 22 years old, was kidnapped in 1996 by someone who was considered a family friend and was his part-time babysitter. Sullivan was taken from Seattle, Washington, all the way to New York. Thanks to a tip from an AMW viewer, Sullivan was recovered just three days after his disappearance and only two hours after the AMW broadcast. Now, Sullivan is encouraging viewers to keep up the good work and help recover the missing children of today.


CISCO / AMW PARTNERSHIP… AMW will reveal a new police technology that for first time ever is being given to a non law enforcement agency. This technology will allow AMW to connect with police agencies in real time as tips pour into the show's Crime Center on Saturday nights. The technology is being provided by one of our newest partners, CISCO. We will introduce our first case we hope to solve with this technology: William Greer (see synopsis below).

Houston, Texas …william greer… For three years, America's Most Wanted has been on the hunt for William Greer - who admitted to killing 28-year-old Tammy Myers when cops found him, naked and drunk, in a Texas field. Law enforcement have been close to finding him, several times barely missing him -- and they are not giving up. AMW and Cisco's technology are teaming up to finally bring William Greer to justice.

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