Meth in Coffee?

    A Facebook post has blown up, sparking a controversy about whether or not a family drank coffee laced with meth. The family, from Pleasanton, stayed in a hotel in Omaha where they say they were exposed to meth that made them sick enough to go to the hospital.

    Most people read it online, a family on vacation, supposedly poisoned after a cup of joe and wanting to warn others.

    "The way that I had to see my son hurt me, it broke my heart," said Amber Richard.

    The Richard family took a mini-vacation for two days to Omaha never thinking they'd spend the next night in the hospital.

    "I started feeling really weird; my arms were floating like I was like a feather or something," said Travis Richard.

    Travis said his symptoms worsened just fifteen minutes after drinking some coffee from their hotel room.

    "All of the packages were sealed. The coffee pot, the coffee was all sealed and there's a bar sink there and just filled up my coffee cup with water, dumped it in the coffee pot, put the coffee in and brewed it," Travis explained.

    His son Deekin also started showing similar symptoms on the ride home after having a sip of the coffee.

    "All I know is the facts, that my loved ones tested positive for amphetamines," Amber said.

    Kearney Police initially filed a report from CHI Health Good Samaritan.

    "I don't know what happened in Omaha. We forward our reports to Omaha," said Captain Mike Kirkwood, who adds it wouldn't be unusual for meth to be made in a hotel room.

    Kearney police say they are in touch with most hotels in the area and tell them what to look out for and what to do when they're suspicious of guests on meth, either cooking or distributing it.

    When asked why the family thought the coffee pot was the source of the meth, Amber answered, “You know I didn't at first. I mean it was just thinking and thinking and thinking after a huge process of elimination what my husband and my son had that me and my other kids did not."

    After she posted a warning about what had happened to her family, some questioned if they intentionally got high.

    "I do have a past with it over ten years ago; I did have a problem," Travis answered. But he said he's been clean since.

    "When I put that on there on Facebook, you just never realize how much social media, how fast and how big it really goes,” Amber explained. “I really thought it was going to stay in the local community. Yeah I said let’s make this go viral, but gosh, I didn't know the reality of it."

    The family hopes a similar situation won't happen to anyone else and wants the police to get to the bottom of what took place.

    "It happened Sunday night. They should have been there Sunday night shutting down that room, taking the coffee pot, doing whatever they should do to protect and serve," Travis said about Omaha Police Department.

    The Richard family said they plan to bring their own coffee the next time they spend a night at a hotel.

    The Ramada Inn Coco Keys Resort said they've never had anything like this happen before and are investigating. Omaha Police Department posted to their Facebook that the story was a rumor then later commented saying they were investigating.

    By Lauren Scharf, Reporter

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