UNK Delays Construction on Apartment Complex

By Andrea Braswell, Reporter

UNK is pushing back construction on an upper classmen apartment complex after the estimated cost went beyond their budget. The estimated $16 million project went out for bidding and came back $3 million over.

Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Jon Watts says skilled labor is currently in high demand which may be the reason for the high cost.
The university is now requesting UNK's Board of Regents to approve a new financing option to help get them back on budget.

"Contractors in this area and even the region is stretched a little thin, times are good," Watts said. "They've got a lot of projects under their belt so when a new project comes up that could be bid on they have to re-evaluate how much overtime they can pay and certain things and they may have to bring in people from other states for the project so I do believe that's driving up the cost of local projects."

Watts says with the new financing option they will be able to pick a contractor based on their skilled an qualifications. Then, work with them to get down to a reasonable price.

Village Flats will be a 130 bed residence hall across the university's West Center.

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