#BurnTheTurkey is Feeding America while encouraging fitness

#BurnTheTurkey (KHGI)

#BurnTheTurkey is a little hashtag that is helping families who are not getting enough calories while encouraging others to work off their own excess holiday calories.

"So, the average meal is 3,000 to 4,500 calories per thanksgiving meal," said Kearney Anytime Fitness manager, Tayler Fruit.

For this reason, Anytime Fitness is encouraging everyone to show how they are working off those turkey calories and help a hungry neighbor at the same time

"Basically they're photos or videos or anything kind of showing how you're going to burn off the calories this year for Thanksgiving. Every time you hashtag it, #BurntheTurkey, Anytime Fitness is going to donate a full meal to Feeding America."

Gym members and nonmembers across the nation are encouraged to participate.

"It's something small that you can do and anyone can do it," said Fruit. "So, we're really wanting to get that Feeding America just tons and tons of #BurnTheTurkey so that we can feed America."

For those of you who are not social media savvy, or maybe do not want to share your sweaty pics, there is still a way you can help out: bring nonperishable food items to the Grand Island or Kearney gyms.

"We have a pretty high goal, we're hoping 300 pounds is what we're looking at right now," said Fruit. "We have a pretty good start so we're hoping that the public will get involved in this and kind of help bring up some stuff so we can stock the Salvation Army."

"If we end up that more than what's needed for the food baskets then that will also be put into our pantry that we use for the community throughout the year," said Major Normalene Daniels, Salvation Army of Kearney. "A person or a family can come every 30 days to get food assistance."

During the holidays the Salvation Army helps around 500 families.

"It just breaks my heart," said Major Daniels. "One lady was just crying here yesterday because her husband had to have surgery and so now he can't work."

Participants can help families by posting #BurntheTurkey to facebook, twitter and Instagram now through November 24.

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