Democratic candidate for Governor files challenge against candidate Krist

Court (MGN)

Democratic candidate for Governor Tyler Davis filed with the Nebraska Supreme Court a Petition for Special Proceeding Regarding Elections asking the Court to review the Secretary of State’s decision to accept Bob Krist’s application as a Democratic candidate for Governor on Wednesday.

“I’m simply seeking to enforce the law and require all candidates for our party’s nomination to comply,” Tyler Davis said. “Mr. Krist has expressed an intent to run as a Republican, as an Independent, and as a candidate under “United Nebraska,” a new political party, all in the last six months. I just want to protect the integrity of the Democratic ballot and make sure that anyone running for our Party’s nomination is a legal candidate,” Davis said.

Under Nebraska Law, a candidate must be affiliated with the political party for which he or she seeks the nomination by December 1st, 2017. Krist became a Democrat on February 13, 2018, long after the deadline. Pursuant to a long-standing custom, Secretary of State, John Gale, accommodated the application and expressed an intent to proceed to place Krist’s name on the Democratic Primary ballot.

“Nebraska’s elections, and the laws that govern them, should not be treated like a game,” Davis said.

The Supreme Court will need to rule 55 days before the May 15th primary election or by March 21st.

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