GIPD urges people to stay home with road conditions poor

Grand Island police officers respond to a call on January 22, 2018 during a blizzard (NTV News)

Many in the tri-cities went to bed Sunday night thinking the storm had fizzled out.

As a timelapse shows, the system arrived later than anticipated. The video captured by NTV in Grand Island overnight shows lots of cloudy skies and drizzle, but no snow.

Then early Monday morning, things went downhill in a hurry.

Amy Solis of Grand Island was out Monday shopping at Super Saver.

She said, "It's crazy. I haven't been out since yesterday. I didn't think it was going to do this. Can't see anything within a half block. Not even a quarter of a block can't see anything."

It's been a long day already for Grand Island police. Their 6 a.m. shift started as the snow intensified, about an hour an inch coming down at that point.

Their morning has been spent helping people who got stuck, like a guy who drove into a flood detention cell.

Sgt. Kevin Sheeks said, "If at all possible stay home. The roads are terrible, visibility is next to nothing. It's poor conditions right now."

Sheeks said Highway 281 was impassible Monday morning north of Stolley Park Road, as semis couldn't make it over the overpass.

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