Hall County attorney going into voters' hands

(NTV News)

For the first time in 20 years, Hall County voters have a decision on Election Day to pick a prosecutor.

Marty Klein is running to be the next Hall County attorney.

He's a 10-year veteran of the office, most recently prosecuting federal drug cases.

He said the county board was wise to appoint Sarah Carstensen to the position, pending the outcome of the first contested election for hall county attorney in two decades.

"She's doing the job until one of us takes that oath of office next January," Klein said. "It gives a fair, open, honest, healthy electoral debate and I think that's very good for the citizens of Hall County."

David Medlin previously declared his intention to run - he is also a veteran prosecutor in the same office.

Klein and Medlin are both Republicans and will face each other in the May primary.

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