Meet the Candidate: Frank Svoboda for Senate

    Frank Svoboda is running for U.S. Senate in the 2018 Primary Election.

    Frank Svoboda, a former attorney, farmer and judge from Lincoln, is running for U.S. Senate.

    "I think of all the candidates running, I think I'm better qualified," said the democrat. "I think I'd be an asset if I'm elected."

    Svoboda said he wants to take farmers' concerns to Washington D.C. and thinks students shouldn't pay interest on college loans.

    "I'm permanently in love with the state," he said.

    On Immigration:

    "I think our immigration reform should be based on what we need and on the intelligence. Try to make some type of intelligent choice on the type of people we bring in. Immigration is a privilege, not a right," said Svoboda. "This is not just a dumping place for the rest of the world's problem."

    On Trade:

    "NAFTA's going us good. There's no way that it should be gotten rid of," said Svoboda, who was not familiar with the TransPacific Partnership.

    On Gun Policy:

    "I think people should have some gun protection in their home. I think small arms are just fine. Shotguns are just fine for hunters and for the big game hunters they can have their big rifles, but be very careful on who these weapons are, guns are sold to," said Svoboda. He said students should have a digital way to anonymously report students who have weapons.

    On North Korea:

    "The president looks like he's getting that all fixed up and we probably have a couple of big submarines ready to bomb if we have any trouble. We can't be second like we were in World War II. We were second and we almost got beat."

    On Russia:

    "We are getting a better relationship all the time. The president seems to get along fine," said Svoboda, who said Russia needs to have better security for their bombs.

    On Taxes:

    Svoboda told NTV he thinks older people need a raise. He said taxes are necessary, but that less should be spent on the military.

    On Health Care:

    "I think we should provide health insurance, Medicare. Medicare should be for everybody," said Svoboda, who said he was not familiar with the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

    On the Me Too Movement:

    "If he breaks the law he should be prosecuted and if you don't like a certain type of harassment, pass a law against it."

    On Campaign Funding:

    "I'm self-funded. I'd like to add some donations."

    Svoboda faces Chris Janicek, Jane Raybould and Larry Marvin in the democratic primary.

    Republicans Senator Deb Fischer, Jack Heidel, Dennis Macek, Jeffrey Stein and Todd Watson are also running.

    Jim Schultz is the lone libertarian in the race.

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