Meet the Candidate: Jeffrey Stein for Senate

Jeffrey Stein (

Jeffrey Stein, of Omaha, is running as a republican for U.S. Senate.

Numerous calls and messages from NTV to the former analyst and economist over the past few months have not been returned.

Stein writes on his website that he wants to get rid of the national debt.

He wants to create a high speed rail system that would take people from Omaha to Denver in one hour.

Stein writes that he wants to decriminalize all drugs and create what he calls a “Capitalized Sterilization Program” to prevent over-population by giving people $50,000 for voluntary sterilization.

Stein also writes that he would eliminate large farm programs.

Stein faces republicans Senator Deb Fischer, Jack Heidel, Dennis Macek and Todd Watson.

Democrats Chris Janicek, Jane Raybould, Larry Marvin and Frank Svoboda are also running in the primary election.

Jim Schultz, of Lincoln, is the one libertarian in the race.

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