Meet the Candidate: Vanessa Ward for governor

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Vanessa Ward, an Omaha activist, is one of the democrats running for Nebraska governor.

Why She's Running:

"I am you," said Ward. "I have never seen such an intense place of dissatisfaction with government."

On Gun Policy:

Ward said she'd like to see funding for metal detectors in schools, but doesn't believe teachers should be armed.

"Do I believe that people have a right to bare arms? Yes I do, but I do believe that we need to have as many check points as far as people's safety, their mental health, their age, their maturity, their record," said Ward.

On Immigration:

"I think their place is welcome with open arms if we're legal," said Ward, who said DACA recipients should be allowed to stay in the country.

On the Keystone XL Pipeline:

"What I would want to have in place is everything possible to make sure that it is safe," said Ward. She said she's totally against the project, but "can't stop progress."

On Prison Reform:

Ward said she'd like raises for guards to instead go to educators.

"I'm a prevention person. I'm more of a visionary. I'm looking way down the line," she said. Ward said she'd like to focus on rehabilitation and training to help inmates avoid returning to prison.

On Trade and Tariffs:

"I'm very anxious to hear from District 3. I want to hear what is your plight? How's things working for you?"

On Medicaid Expansion:

"I'm totally for the Medicaid expansion," said Ward. "We're going to comb through the budget and we're going to find [funding for it]."

Ward faces fellow democrats Tyler Davis and State Senator Bob Krist in the primary. Republicans Krystal Gabel and Governor Pete Ricketts are also running.

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