Raybould: Public education is foundation for 21st-century jobs

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Raybould joined area educators and local parents Tuesday afternoon for a roundtable discussion on issues facing students, families, teachers and their community.

Raybould said she appreciated hearing the concerns voiced at the meeting.

“Nebraska has a robust, top-drawer public education system, and I was impressed by the commitment voiced by those in attendance to keep it that way,” Raybould said. “A solid public education system is the foundation for preparing our children for 21st century jobs and is the greatest equalizer in our society."

Participants touched on topics such as school safety—including concerns over arming teachers, providing adequate mental-health services for students, vocational training for students not planning to attend college, attracting more people into teaching, early childhood education and the school-voucher system being touted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Among those also participating on the roundtable were Nancy Fulton, former NSEA President, and Crete Mayor Roger Foster.

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