Rubik's Cubes not hard to solve for Cozad pre-teen

Rubik's Cubes not hard to solve for Cozad pre-teen. (NTV News)

A Cozad boy took the art of problem solving to a whole new level, and he's used a puzzle that's been popular through many generations.

How quickly can you solve a Rubik's Cube? Cozad's Gauge Hasbrouck can usually solve one in about 15 to twenty moves, using mostly just his fingers-not his whole hand.

He shared his techniques at the Kearney Public Library on Friday, In the four short years of him perfecting his moves, the 12-year-old has already been to two competitions, and it all started four years ago.

"I found a cube at a garage sale, I didn't know what it was so we got it, my mom taught me how to solve it then I just kept on practicing. Now I'm better," said Gauge Hasbrouck. 'There's different ways of solving all of them and that's what makes them interesting."

Gauge uses special 'speed cubes' and memorizes algorithms, or patterns, to help him get faster.

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