Governor Ricketts responds to issues brought up by gubernatorial candidate

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Senator and gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist spoke to the Nebraska Association of County Officials Thursday at their meeting in Kearney.

Senator Krist covered a variety of topics at the meeting including property taxes, corrections reforms, and ideas Krist had for improving Nebraska's highways.

Krist was critical of Governor Pete Ricketts and his policies regarding property taxes.

"Over the past 10 years, property taxes grew statewide by an average of 50 percent, while household income grew at 21 percent," Krist said.

NTV News reached out to Ricketts' team for a response, hearing back from Nebraska Republican party Executive Director Kenny Zoeller who said of Ricketts' tax policy:

Absolutely property taxes have been the number one issue in the state of Nebraska the past ten years which is why since Governor Ricketts took office he has worked with the legislature to provide over 840 million dollars in property tax relief. He has introduced a bill every single year in the legislature most of which Bob Krist actually fought to get passed. To increase more funding for the property tax relief credit fund to change how we value land especially ag land in our state and this years his most previous bill would have provided over $1.5 billion of property tax relief, excuse me over a billion dollars in property tax relief when it was all said and done.

Krist was also critical of Ricketts' handling of Nebraska's corrections facilities feeling that there needs to be changes made in leaderships positions to help improve Nebraska's correctional facilities and to cost tax payers less money.

The governor has worked with the legislature to pass sweeping criminal justice reforms and made sure that we are getting more and more funding to the Department of Corrections including I think over $100 million in refunding in the last couple of years to make sure we are adequately staffed and look I think all Nebraskans realize that when the governor came into office there were a number of issues in our correctional systems. But we have continued to see improvement year over year with how our corrections officers are performing their services and also with the level of service we are providing the Department of Corrections.

Krist also spoke about changes he would like to make to Nebraska roadways feeling that it would be safer for Nebraska to start expanding Nebraska roadways from two lanes to four. He feels the additional lanes will reduce accidents and fatalities in high traffic areas.

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