UNK announces set of budget cuts that include the elimination of several sports teams

UNK announces set of budget cuts that include the elimination of several sports team

On Monday the University of Nebraska at Kearney(UNK) announced a set of proposed budget cuts to meet the $3.4 million-dollar budget gap.

UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen outlined proposed budget cuts that exceed that amount and that affect 38 positions across nearly every campus unit.

According to the University, Men’s baseball, golf and tennis will be eliminated. They will also be eliminating 16 faculty, 2.5 administrative, and 16.5 staff positions. They say three affected staff positions will shift to the University of Nebraska system as part of the budget response team process.

These budget reductions were presented to a forum of faculty, staff and students on campus Monday. The administration is now waiting to receive feedback from faculty and staff to formulate final budget reductions that will become effective July 1st.

Once this is approved by the Board of Regents and fully implemented, the University says new college structure will result in the elimination of the positions of a dean, associate dean, and administrative support position.

According to the University, UNK has approximately 814 benefit-eligible employees. Out of those, 471 are considered staff and 343 are considered faculty.

This is a developing story and more details will be discussed in an afternoon meeting Monday at UNK. Stay with NTV News for continuing coverage.

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