Summer Stampede preps Kearney High School students for new year

Summer Stampede (KHGI)

Kearney High School leaders and students are encouraging classmates to get their back–to–school paperwork done now.

The Summer Stampede began Wednesday and continues through Thursday. Organizers said this event is dedicated to starting students off on the right foot.

"It allows the year to start out nice, calm, cool and collected," said assistant high school principal, Kevin Madsen.

Madsen said students have the opportunity to pay for their chrome books and Bearcat Diner, deposit insurance, tour the school and turn in required documents.

"They had that mailed to them," said Madsen. "If they don't have it, we have copies here, they can simply come here. [If] they don't know, if they moved and lost it, or whatever it might be we have copies here they can grab and fill out but it will take some time to get the documents filled out."

Don't just take it from the assistant principal, students say they appreciate taking care of business now.

"I've done this since my freshman year and I kind of know it by now but something still happens but it makes it a lot easier," said incoming junior Jaren Hoffart.

In addition to paper work, Hoffart appreciates the photo opp too.

"Yes, I'm getting [school pictures] done," said Hoffart. "I kind of like it, I don't have to worry about looking nice on the first day and you know I do anyways but it makes it easier.'

The Summer Stampede continues Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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