Meet the Candidate: Larry Bolinger for Congress

Larry Bolinger

Larry Bolinger, of Alliance, is one of four republican candidates running for Congress in the Third District of Nebraska.

"We actually need somebody in office that's actually going to fight for the people of Nebraska," said Bolinger in a phone interview with NTV. "We had a big issue in 2016 when the president made that big order on emission and that caused a lot of coal mines to shut down and a lot of the railroad slowed down because of the lack of coal production."

Bolinger said he would fight for clean coal in Congress.

On Tax Reform:

"I think a lot of representatives didn't even read the bill to pass it," said Bolinger. He blames democrats for the price tag. While the candidate says funding for the military and veterans is needed, he wants money for schools and health care.

On Gun Policy:

"The real issue is the person, not the nut that's out there shooting people, so I don't really support any gun control that jeopardizes the 2nd Amendment and people's right to defend themselves."

Bolinger said he does support legislation to help schools increase security.

On the Affordable Care Act:

"What should have been done instead of creating a separate program would have been to expand Medicare, Medicaid and who they cover. Combine the different health program and put them under one roof and save a couple billion dollars."

On Trade:

"I've looked at the TPP and at first I was against that because, well, I wouldn't want a program that's going to bottle neck our trading agreements. If it's going to slow down trade then that's a big effect on anybody's business, a lot of business in the farming community. But, after talking to a lot of farmers who were like, well, this does help us quite a bit, so if it's helping them then I'm going to be for it."

On the Me Too Movement:

"If they're acussed, let's prove it," said Bolinger, who said people who commit sexual harrassment or sexual assault should be held accountable. He also said lawmakers should use their own money for their defense.

On Immigration and DACA:

"I would like to have pushed where we did more of a grant program that state and counties can file for and that way they have more control over where that walls going to go," said Bolinger, who said he believes a permanent DACA bill should have already passed.

On Tensions with North Korea and Russia:

"Sometimes you got to back out and allow different countries to take responsibility."

Bolinger said he'd like Russia and China to focus on Syria and the U.S. focus on Iraq. Listen to the video below for his views on North Korea:

On Campaign Funding:

Bolinger said he's reaching out on social media and to local businesses for funding, especially those in the coal industry.

Bolinger is running against republicans Rep. Adrian Smith, Arron Kowalski, Kirk Penner and democrat Paul Theobald.

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