NSEA recommends candidates based on issues affecting children and public

Voting (MGN)

The Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) announced its recommended candidates for the 2018 Primary Election on Thursday.

“These candidates are recommended because they are strong advocates for children and public education,” said Jenni Benson, NSEA President. “They understand the importance of providing every student with the support, tools and the time necessary to learn.

“Elected officials make key decisions about our schools, students, and profession: funding, curriculum, standards, school safety and compensation,” Benson said. “That is why members of NSEA offer candidate recommendations. Bi-partisan committees of NSEA members recommend pro-education candidates based on interviews, candidate questionnaires and voting records.

“These recommendations are based solely on issues affecting public schools and school employees. We ask about a candidate’s stance on key issues like class size, resources for students and teachers, safety in our schools and school funding,” Benson said.

Candidates for federal office, including Congress, are supported by the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education following recommendations from NSEA members. Recommendations also are based on voting records, candidate interviews and questionnaires.

2018 NSEA Primary Election Recommendations

U.S. Senate: Jane Raybould

Congress Dist. 2: Brad Ashford

Governor: Sen. Bob Krist


  • Dist. 2 Susan Lorence
  • Dist. 4 Sen. Bob Hilkemann
  • Dist. 6 Machaela Cavanaugh
  • Dist. 12 Former Sen. Steve Lathrop
  • Dist. 16 Chuck Hassebrook
  • Dist. 18 Sen. Brett Lindstrom
  • Dist. 20 Sen. John McCollister
  • Dist. 22 Mike Moser
  • Dist. 24 Stephanie Nantkes
  • Dist. 26 Sen. Matt Hansen
  • Dist. 28 Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks
  • Dist. 30 Myron Dorn & Don Schuller
  • Dist. 32 Tom Brandt & Sen. Laura Ebke
  • Dist. 34 Sen. Curt Friesen
  • Dist. 36 Sen. Matt Williams
  • Dist. 38 Marsha Fangmeyer
  • Dist. 40 Tim Gragert & Julie Thomsen
  • Dist. 42 Judy Pederson (write-in candidate)
  • Dist. 46 Sen. Adam Morfeld
  • Dist. 48 Sen. John Stinner

State Board of Education

  • Dist. 5 Patricia Timm
  • Dist. 6 Maureen Nickels
  • Dist. 7 Robin Stevens

“Our goal is to ensure our children have access to safe and resourced schools, caring and competent teachers, and class sizes that allow teachers to provide the one-on-one attention every child needs and deserves to learn and succeed,” said Benson. “We know that quality public education is the key to economic prosperity. Educating our children must be a priority for all of us.”

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