Candidates gather to campaign for Hall County Sheriff, Hall County Attorney positions

    Republican candidates gather for Hall County Sheriff, Hall County Attorney positions (NTV News)

    On Tuesday, voters will head to the polls to vote in the primary elections. On Saturday, a few candidates gathered in hopes of reaching out to voters before they cast their ballot.

    "I wouldn't be doing this if things were where they should have been. I don't think anybody runs for an office because they're happy with the way things are,” said Rick Conrad, a 25-year Deputy Sheriff with Hall County.

    With a conservative stance, Conrad said if elected sheriff, one of the biggest issues he hopes to address is school resource officers.

    "It's a matter of getting officers in the school, being with the kids, getting the trust with the kids and in doing that, I think, you know you get that trust in the kids and kids will start trusting the police officers and coming to them and talking to them,” said Conrad.

    Conrad is running against current Sheriff Jerry Watson.

    The two share a few similar stances when it comes to mental health and drug sentencing issues, Sheriff Watson’s website addresses a drug epidemic.

    "Most of the problems you have in your communities are drug related...most of your crimes that happen are drug related,” said Conrad.

    Marty Klein is a 10-year attorney for Hall County who is also running as a Republican.

    He is running against a colleague of his, named Dave Medlin.

    Klein said if elected, he hopes to address communication issues within his department and believes adding division heads could help.

    "A division chief for criminal manners, a division chief for juvenile matters and a division chief for civil matters. Those three people would specialize in their area of the law and then everybody else underneath them, all the other deputy county attorneys, they would still have a mix of things to do, but they would be able to go to the criminal person when they have a criminal question,” said Klein.

    Klein said the election for Hall County attorney is exciting this year because voters finally get a choice in their attorneys.

    "The last contested primary, if I’m remembering right, was 1992 and the last contested general election for Hall County was in 1998. So, this hasn't been a contested election in more than 20 years, or right at 20 years,” said Klein.

    These are Republican candidates, meaning only Republican voters can vote for them in the primary this Tuesday.

    With no other parties running for these positions, whoever wins this primary takes on the position.

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