Are food recalls becoming more common?

Are food recalls becoming more common? (NTV News)

It can be a frightening piece of news to receive: having a food product you regularly eat recalled due to contamination can strike fear in even the most adventurous of eaters.

With several popular foods like Ritz crackers and Goldfish snack crackers seeing recalls many are wondering if food recalls are becoming more common.

A grocer in Holdrege says that's not the case.

Galen Banzhaf is the manager for the Holdrege Market Place and is familiar with the process for handling recalled foods.

Banzhaf said the recent recalls aren't uncommon.

"When you take into consideration the thousands of items we carry its really not all that often. I know it seems like there is a lot of them out there especially lately, but when you take into consideration the amount of items we carry I don't think it's that much," said Banzhaf.

What could be causing the recent influx of food recalls?

According to Amy Dinslage, disease surveillance and investigator for Two Rivers Public Health Department the reason is, more often than not, company-wide testing that catches several product contaminations at once.

"It almost seems like we see a group of recalls at certain times and that's all do to when companies do testing and stuff of their food products," said Dinslage.

When recalls happen, Banzhaf said they immediately take the product off the shelves.

"One of two things can happen depending on what are instructions are with the recall. We can destroy that here in the store. If they want us to send it back to our distributor we do that. It goes back to the manufacturer of the product it goes back to them and we get a credit from them," he said.

Dinslage said, if you believe you are sick and may have eaten food that's been a part of a recall, look at what you have eaten for the last few days as Salmonella has an incubation period of up to three days.

Experts also encourage people to not throw away the contaminated product immediately, but to instead save it so it can be tested later.

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