February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Dentist (MGN)

• Two Rivers is invested in our children’s oral health with our outreach programs. We provide preventative dental services in schools, health clinics, fairs and other venues. These services are costly and Two Rivers PHD is always grateful for donations of support.

• Began in 1941 as a one day event in Cleveland, Ohio and by 1981, it became a month-long observance

o Many dental professionals are spreading the word about good oral health and the benefits for children

• Good oral health for our children begins before birth

o A healthy pregnancy contributes to your child’s healthy beginnings

o Pregnant mothers should have regular dental visits

• Clean your baby’s teeth and gums daily

• Children should have their first dental visit by eruption of 1st tooth or 1st birthday and regular visits there after

• Adults should brush and clean in between children’s teeth till at least 7 years of age

o Have your dentist and dental hygienist show you correct methods to ensure you are being safe and effective

• “Baby” teeth ARE important and help with:

o Speech development

o Eating

o Respiratory function

o Overall ability to thrive

• Health eating is crucial in maintaining a healthy mouth

o Minimize sugar intake

o Avoid eating behaviors such as “grazing”. An example would be to drink a sugary drink for a long time or eat a sugary snack for an extended amount of time

• Healthy smiles for our children contribute to healthy bodies!

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