Kearney family creates group that focuses on listening to kids, staying connected


About 43 million Americans have some kind of mental health issue, it could be depression, anxiety, bipolar or another issue.

More and more young people are reaching out, but is there help out there? It's the mental health quandary.

In a world full of activities - from the athletic field to all kinds of social media - Dr. Tina Chasek is in charge of bringing more behavioral health providers into the fold.

She said it's a different world out there.

That's where guys like Jason Sharp come in.

Sharp is a financial planner by day, and a friend of youth any other time.

Sharp and and his wife Brigit created Rooted.

Non-denominational, they're a listening ear for kids, meeting in the same building as Jason's Edward Jones office.

In a world of phones and separateness, Jason spoke on sameness and staying connected with one another.

Statistics say the number of behavioral health care workers up 15 percent in recent history, but how many guys like Jason are out there? Someone who encourages young men and women to walk with one another.

Next week, we'll explore a movement out there to embed mental health care with healthcare.

What's that look like? And why does it work?

Find out next week.

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