Knows the signs and symptoms of sepsis

Knows the signs and symptoms of sepsis. (NTV News)

Over 70 percent of Americans can identify stroke symptoms, but less than 1 percent can identify the most common sepsis symptoms.

It's deadly and not many people know what it is.

In a nutshell, it's when the body's response to an infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs.

Dr. Kyle Rupp - former North Platte and University of Nebraska at Kearney football star - traded in the pigskin for the CHI Health Good Samaritan emergency room.

He speaks out on sepsis, seeing sufferers every day.

It's sepsis awareness month, and symptoms include shivering, a fever or feeling very cold, extreme pain, pale skin, tiredness or confusion, or shortness of breath.

If it gets really bad, septic shock turns into a life and death scenario.

Once in the E.R., labs are drawn, an IV gets hooked up, and antibiotics get pumped in. Sepsis is not contagious, but it is the number one leading cause of death in hospitals.

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