Study: Certain medications can put babies at risk for allergies


A late night or maybe even all night - staying up with a sick baby can be tough for everyone involved, especially the baby of course.

But the subsequent, parental rush to antibiotics has now been linked to an allergy risk.

Treating a baby who is spitting up with antacids might not be a good idea either, according to doctors.

Dr. Brittani Moeller broke out the props, pointing to the sizes of baby's stomach at 1, 3, and 10 days.

A new study shows when mom gives spitting up baby an antacid - the child is at a risk for allergies, maybe even asthma.

Same with antibiotics, according to Moeller. She pointed to the meds as messing with gut health.

In fact, the study authors suggest both antacids and antibiotics disrupt the normal intestinal bacteria.

Moeller said the stomach needs good and bad bacteria. The study was wide ranging - following kids for over four years.

Specifically, it found babies given H2 blockers or PPIs to treat gastroesophogeal reflex were more than twice as likely to have a food allergy. Plus babies given antibiotics were at a risk for food allergies, too.

One doctor warned against prescribing medicines for things that are very common in babies, it should be noted nearly 800,000 babies were in the study.

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