Two Rivers: What is your local health department doing?


Two Rivers Public Health Department works in a variety of programs to improve the health of the community. The priorities of the health department are to: provide education to promote healthy behaviors, monitor diseases in the jurisdictions to prevent or predict outbreaks, promote wellness by encouraging healthy behaviors, and encourage emergency preparedness.

Emergency Response-The purpose of Emergency Response is to educate individuals and groups in methods to be prepared for disasters. In turn, this should create resilient communities.

  • Currently working with Phelps County COAD to perform a disaster drill in Holdrege. The drill will be conducted in early September.

Dental Programming- The Lifesmiles Dental Health Program is focused on helping those of all ages benefit from good oral health. Good oral health benefits our quality of life by positively affecting overall body health as well as reducing our healthcare costs. It can positively impact our social interactions as well The program offers prevention services, referral services, and valuable education that can save money and prevent dental disease.

  • Currently partnering with schools and Long Term Care Facilities to provide dental care

Chronic Disease- Chronic disease focuses on environmental change (such as increasing ability to walk/bike, or increasing healthy food options) and education to help control and prevent chronic disease.

  • Working with the Move Kearney group to advocate safer walkways and bike routes in Kearney.

Disease Investigation- Two Rivers helps to monitor specific (reportable) diseases in our area to prevent and monitor disease outbreaks.

  • The first human case of West Nile Virus in the TRPHD jurisdiction was identified this week.
  • Currently monitoring the food recalls.

Lifestyle Change Programs-The health department is partnering with several clinics to provide education about living a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent or reverse chronic disease

  • Check out our website or call for more information on National Diabetes Prevention Program Classes.

Disrupting the Pathway to Violence- This program was created to help rural communities in Nebraska create a strategy to address behaviors that may lead to acts of violence. These strategies may include directing those individuals toward counseling, ministerial help, or stress management.

  • TRPHD is working in the Kearney and Lexington communities to create a strategy that will work for the community.

Environmental Health- TRPHD is able to provide education about removal of common household nuisances

  • TRPHD is able to provide radon kits, water testing through CDHD, and education

TRMRS- Tri-City Medical Response System is a health care coalition that serves 19 hospitals and 23 counties in south central Nebraska through a federal grant. The four core members are hospitals, county emergency managers, EMS, and public health.

  • TRPHD supports TRMRS through a serving as a coordinator by helping conduct community wide disaster drills

Rooted in Relationships- Individuals in Dawson County will be able to identify and access early childhood social-emotional supports and services that will result in healthy, stable families.

  • TRPHD is a fiscal agent that supports rooted in relationships. TRPHD supports the programs

Where will you see us?

  • Representatives of TRPHD have been visiting county fairs. You can expect to see us at both the Gosper County Fair and the Buffalo County Fair this evening and through the weekend
  • We have recently been working on the strategic plan for the department and will be reaching out to community members for feedback.
  • We attend various meetings in our communities but would like to hear from you.
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