17 people federally indicted in Nebraska ICE operation

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A federal indictment, unsealed Wednesday, is revealing more about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation in several north Nebraska towns that led to the arrest of 133 people in three states.

Seventeen people are indicted in U.S. District Court over incidents that allegedly all occurred between January of 2015 and last month.

A grand jury indictment said illegal immigrant Juan Pablo Sanchez Delgado, Magdalena Castro Benitez - who had previously been deported and returned - and her citizen son Antonio de Jesus Castro started the company JP and Sons, LLC and J Green Valley, LLC to provide jobs for undocumented immigrants in Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada.

It said those companies had contracts with Elkhorn River Farms, LLC, O'Neill Ventures, LLC, GJW, LLC and other companies to supply workers.

But, court records said Sanchez Delgado and de Jesus Castro failed to complete hiring paperwork and used different names and social security numbers to conceal worker's identities.

Also arrested Wednesday were citizens Eric Beringer and Christopher Thurlow, who are said to be supervisors at Elkhorn River Farms. According to the indictment, they assisted in employing Jaime Garcia under a fake identity.

At O’Neill Ventures, court documents allege legal immigrant and supervisor Asiyadeth Jimenez-Castellon and Mayra Jimenez - also a legal immigrant from Mexico, who was a supervisor and human resources specialist -assisted in employing illegal workers.

The indictment said citizen John Glidden did the same as a supervisor at GJW.

It said more than $8 million in financial transactions were done through company accounts at Great Western Bank that were controlled by Sanchez Delgado.

Three women are accused of helping turn paychecks into cash for undocumented immigrants.

Alma Hernandez Moreno and Aracely Heredia Martinez are also illegal. Heredia Martinez has already been deported to Mexico before, according to federal documents.

Anayancy Castro Hernandez is a DACA recipient and employee at Great Western Bank.

Court records also said, the women assisted undocumented immigrants "with transferring the proceeds of unlawful employment into the United States by wire transfer to countries in Central and Southern America and by withholding money from those aliens and unlawful employees at Juan Pablo Sanchez Delgado's direction."

The conspiracy also includes an O’Neill restaurant called La Herradura, according to the indictment.

It said citizen John Good let Sanchez Delgado and Castro Benítez conceal commercial assets - like the restaurant - in his name.

It said Good also provided a home for Sanchez Delgado to hide him from immigration authorities.

The indictment said Sanchez Delgado made illegal immigrants convert their paychecks at his grocery store and money serving business, while he pocketed money he told the workers was being held for federal taxes.

It said Sanchez Delgado, Castro Benitez and de Jesus Castro deposited about $5,648,519.23 in proceeds. Sanchez Delgado and Castro Benitez are accused of buying property in Las Vegas, Nevada, with that money.

A hearing on the indictment was scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Lincoln.

Learn about the others listed in the indictment by reading the full document below.

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