18th Annual Nebraska Grazing Conference held in Kearney

18th Annual Nebraska Grazing Conference held in Kearney. (NTV News)

A longtime annual conference is giving cattle producers from around the region a chance to learn more about grazing practices.

This year's Nebraska Grazing Conference will focus on topics ranging from learning how to rehabilitate pastures to keep them productive, to incorporating mixed species like sheep into grazing operations.

Conference leaders said events like these are important because there's more beef cattle than people in Nebraska, and many grasslands are used primarily for grass–only production.

"The importance of having a conference like this are taking some of the topics we have that address more of these more single issues, things that are easy to implement in one year and also other management practices that can be used over the longer term," said Nebraska Extension Forage and Crop Residue speaker Daren Redfearn.

The conference continues Tuesday and Wednesday, August 7-8 at Kearney's Ramada Inn. Cattle producers can still attend by registering at the door.

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