After battling cancer Pam Bohmfalk leaves her Kool-Aid Days legacy

(NTV News)

On August 2nd, Pam Bohmfalk, a longtime Kool–Aid Days organizer passed away after battling cancer.

On Thursday, NTV News honored her and checked in on the event she held dear.

In the Hastings community, Pam was a singer, a problem solver and a board member of Kool–Aid Days ever since its inception 21 years ago.

Pam's fellow board members were getting ready for Kool Aid Days 2018 and holding heavy hearts for someone they said was a true leader.

"I mean there's just a huge hole that's missing for all of us this year and there's a lot that we've got to make up for because she was a workhorse and she loved Kool–Aid Days, so we want to make her proud,” said one board member, Susan Spady.

Pam was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and had gone into remission, but just weeks ago she found out the cancer was back.

She was not planning on going and she was not giving up without a fight.

"I don't think any of us expected this,” said board member Marissa Sitzmore.

"She put on a good face and never let on how much, she was either in pain or didn't feel good. She would fight through it and show up no matter what she was going through, she was always there. Always,” said Koo Aid Days Treasurer, Allison Petr.

Around the Kool–Aid crew, Pam was known best for manning the mixing tent and handing out batches of Kool–Aid to thirsty attendees.

"Her and her husband John would always work the mixing stand so they would come out as a rainbow of colors, their hands would be just covered in Kool aid colors,” said board member, Jessica Rohan.

"I think they stayed colored stained from the Kool–aid for two weeks after the event,” said Sitzmore.

Pam worked at the Hastings College Library, she was involved in her church, the historical society and many other groups in Hastings.

The community said they remember her as someone who brought smiles to everyone she was around.

"Her laugh could light up a room, seriously. Everybody said you know, her smile, bringing kids smiles on their faces was her main goal,” said Sitzmore.

The Kool–Aid Days board members said the best way to honor Pam would be to come out and volunteer. They said Pam always welcomed those that helped.

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