Arapahoe Public Schools says goodbye to old building, makes way for new parking

    Arapahoe Public Schools says goodbye to old building, makes way for new parking (NTV News)

    Folks in Arapahoe are saying goodbye to the town's old public school as demolition trucks tear down the last standing walls.

    It's being called a bittersweet time, watching the bricks fall from the old building, helping make way for the new.

    In just over a week, all that's left of the old Arapahoe public school building has been turned into rubble and Principal Bob Braithwait said he has even saved a couple bricks to remember it by.

    "That building has been a staple in our community since 1923. A lot of generations have gone through that building. To see people home and take pictures while they're taking it down, it makes you realize just how important that building has been in our community,” said Braithwait.

    It might be bittersweet, but principal Braithwait said it was a necessary move. One of the biggest changes is the safety of the new school. Braithwait said with the old school, they had students traveling outside to get to up to four different buildings.

    "We have our kids under one roof and our teachers under one roof. Now we can lock down at eight o'clock every morning, we know our kids are safe, they don't have to be outside for any reason,” said Braithwait.

    Other improvements include a brand-new gym and a new commons area that helps feed over 300 students a day.

    While a demolition team clears the old stomping grounds, plans for that space are already booked. Braithwait said it'll turn into horseshoe style parking for the new school.

    "So we can drop off supplies. Also, to help our people that have trouble getting in to the building, get a little closer to the drop off,” said Braithwait.

    Principal Braithwait said all that is left to do for the new building is landscape work to make the grounds more accessible for students and visitors.

    Principal Braithwait also mentioned how supportive the community has been, from the beginning stages to moving items into the new school. He said the faculty and staff have been top notch during the transition.

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