Boy Scouts learn survival skills in wintry weather

Boy Scouts learn survival skills in wintry weather (NTV News)

Howling through the woods, through the cold and wintry weather, about 164 Boy Scouts from across the state learned about survival during their Klondike derby weekend in the woods at Camp Augustine in Doniphan.

"It wouldn't be Klondike if we didn't have some cold and snow," Arthur Kolbet, Boy Scout camp master, said.

From building fires to building sleds and cooking contests, all the way to learning how to react if coyotes attacked a fellow scout, the Boy Scout troops are ready to survive in the wild.

The most important thing they said they learned is the importance of teamwork.

Kolbet said he hopes they'll be able to utilize some of these skills if an emergency situations ever occurs.

"I'm hoping like, for me when I was in Scouts when they're my age, they're going to remember you know, bits and pieces but they'll remember, 'hey, that Klondike that we did was kind of fun and there are skills that if they do learn that hopefully that if they find themselves in a situation they'll be able to use this as a back drop," Kolbet said.

Their biggest concern?

"Basically for the kids staying warm. It is cold. A lot of them aren't used to being out this long in cold weather so it's a learning experience for them," Kolbert said.

Sam Johnson, a group leader, helped the Scouts on their adventure.

"I've been a Boy Scout since I was in the sixth grade and I've been a Cub Scout since I was in kindergarten," Johnson said.

Johnson hopes these Scouts take away more than just survival skills.

"Use those leadership qualities in other aspects of your life. And we always talk about using the scout oath of law in your everyday life. And so that's something that's really applicable to basically anything that you do," Johnson said.

For Laramie, a Boy Scout, he said his favorite part was the pancake flip relay.

And while it all sounds fun, they had to know just how to start that fire that they cook on.

"And we use flint and steel to get the starter going," one Boy Scout said.

Troop 133 said they've made many friends and have some advice for youngsters thinking about becoming Scouts.

"We have very many opportunities, it will help you for the rest of your life - stay out of trouble. It builds life skills. It builds character. It really makes you a better person overall," several Boy Scouts said.

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