Update: Broken Bow residents vote to not recall school board member on Tuesday


The people of Broken Bow had the chance for a second vote on one of their district's school board members after a recall was set in place for board member J.B. Atkins.

When asked if J.B. Atkins should be recalled, 824 "no" votes were counted with 536 "yes" votes. This means J.B. Atkins will continue to be on the school board.

The recall vote was a result of a disagreement over the school district's budget.

School board members J.B. Atkins and Carl French proposed a five percent cut of school funding with a lower district tax levy.

Fellow member, and now Missouri resident, Drew Schendt believes that budget change is a misuse of the district’s money. He therefore called for the recall of both Atkins and French.

However, the recall petition for French was filed three days after deadline, leaving French in his position on the board.

The petition for J.B. Atkins was accepted and on Tuesday the public had to decide to keep him or leave the board with one less member.

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