CHI Health will take over Kearney Clinic in July

Kearney Clinic

Starting July 1, CHI Health will be taking over the Kearney Clinic and renaming it CHI Health Clinic.

Accoring to CHI, it will employ the remaining practice and leading up to the transition the clinic will operate as normal.

They say the move would ensure patients have access to the providers their comfortable with.

“I am very pleased that with CHI Heath Clinic we will be able to continue to see and provide medical care to our patients in our current location. This partnership will be beneficial not only for CHI Health, our providers and staff, but also for our patients,” said Dr. Beth Ernst, a primary care physician who practices at Kearney Clinic.

“With this partnership we are looking forward to growing together at this location, continuing to provide the highest quality care, access and service for patients and the community. We are working closely together to make this a smooth transition for everyone," Julie Gernetzke, executive director of operations with CHI Health Clinic said.

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