Close to retirement, Hastings fire chief praises EMS progress

Close to retirement, Hastings fire chief praises EMS progress (NTV News)

With less than three months left until the Hastings fire chief retires, Kent Gilbert said he's especially proud of how successful their EMS program has turned out to be.

Over five years ago, emergency medical services began at the Hastings Fire Department.

Currently, the department's EMS division provides basic life support and advanced life support to the city of Hastings and Adams County.

Chief Gilbert said he's glad to have been able to lead the division as chief.

"I don't know if I'm a pioneer, but I happened to be in the spot when it all happened," Gibert said. "I consider myself to have been there for a long time when this all happened."

Gilbert said EMS services have helped many people over their years in operation.

"The emergency medical services would provide the next step and it was important for our fire department to stay relevant to the needs of the community, and by taking on the emergency medical services we've done that. Our people do good in people's lives everyday," Gilbert said.

Gilbert has been the Hastings fire chief for the last 18 years.

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