County clerk responds to Voter Registration Act violation claims

Ballot box (NTV News)

A Nebraska county is firing back after a non-profit accused them of violating the National Voter Registration Act.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation released a list of counties that they say have more registered voters than adult residents Monday, including nine in Nebraska.

  • Loup County
  • Kimball County
  • Keya Paha County
  • Blaine County
  • Logan County
  • Sheridan County
  • Thurston County
  • Arthur County
  • Grant County

“During the 2016 Election, 24 states had bloated voter rolls,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Voter fraud begins with corrupted voter rolls. Our nation’s voter rolls have records that cannot be distinguished between living or dead; citizen or alien; resident or relocated. We hear about possible cyber-attacks, but we aren’t doing enough to fix voter rolls that are certainly corrupt. The voter rolls are so bad in some states that election officials would have a hard time telling the difference between sabotage and negligence.”

According to PILF, letters were sent to the 248 counties nationwide. Tuesday, Loup County Clerk Debbie Postany responded in a letter to the foundation.

“Being a County Clerk in a small county means I am generally aware of those who have moved or died before I receive any National Change of Address or death notices from the state,” she said. “Our local county K-12 school conducts an annual census for the County of Loup for the school district. They count everyone currently residing in Loup County as well as college students. Their most recent census (2017) shows 687 residents with 558 being adults over the age of 18. Using the school census figures, I have 558 adults with 492 registered and 466 of those are currently active voters.

“Given the foregoing census procedures, I would have much more faith in the school’s census count and feel it is a better representation of the number of souls residing in Loup County in 2017.

“I believe this letter answers the concerns expressed in your missive.“

Secretary of State John Gale released a statement Wednesday:

“My office is working with the counties named by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) to see if there is any basis for the assertions that those counties are in violation of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). About two years ago, in 2015, PILF sent a similar letter to seven counties in Nebraska. At that time, we noted that there were inconsistencies in the voter data obtained by PILF, compared to census data. It is likely that is the case again.

“However, we will take this opportunity to check with each of those counties as to their voter registration data and current census numbers, to ensure that the voter registration rolls in those counties are current and up to date. We will know more once we complete our review.”

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