Demolition derby is a collision course for a cause

    'Cornhusker Chaos' indoor demo derby is a collision course for a cause. (NTV News)

    A new event production crew with Kearney ties brings metal bashing to the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, and along with it, hopes to help out a fellow driver along the way.

    About 140 demo derby drivers are in Kearney for the weekend for the inaugural 'Cornhusker Chaos' indoor demolition derby. Those representing 'Wreckless Promotions' say safety is a number one priority to protect the drivers. and when they don't compete, they hang out and work on each other's cars.

    That bond includes building a raffle car with the proceeds to help a fellow driver who was injured in a car accident last September.

    "We've had drivers out here donated," said 'Wreckless Promotions' spokesman Brad Ryan. "One guy donated the body of the car another guy donated the frame, another donated the motor...the slider shaft, the transmission. All these different drivers out here donated all these parts...we had three different drivers build this car in 24 hours, put it all together, painted it, we've got sponsors, they're good people running here."

    The production company is run by Logan Dowhy, owner of Dowhy Towing out of Kearney.

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