Dine United helps support those in need of food, shelter through non-profits

Dine United helps support those in need of food and shelter through non-profits (NTV News)

You can dine out in more than 25 different restaurants in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick counties.

Each restaurant is donating individual amounts for the Heartland United Way's fundraiser Dine United.

The customers eating at Thunder Road Grill on Tuesday morning are among some of the people helping keep fridges stocked and bellies full.

"It's just one of those things that we will always have a need for in our community. A lot of people are food insecure in Grand Island and we have a lot of people living in poverty and so for sure food is a major part of that and having basic needs met is part of a healthy community," said Executive Director for Hope Harbor Liz Mayfield.

For it's 15th year, Dine United is helping raise money for four non-profits.

"I'm just so excited about pushing the charity for this drive, and we just wanted to be a part of it and see what we can do," said Manager of Thunder Road Grill Phil Holmes.

The fundraiser gives people the opportunity to eat out for a good cause.

"Awareness is everything," Holmes said.

"The proceeds for all of the opportunities to eat out today and enjoy a meal really provides a night of shelter and food for people," said Executive Director for Heartland United Karen Rathke.

According to Heartland United, over 9,200 people in their area are food insecure.

"Throughout the year we have people donate canned food and other items which we desperately need, and we're so thankful for, but definitely need also cash for our food pantry so that we are able to buy meats and other products that aren't easily donated," Mayfield said.

Holmes said for their first year of participation, people in his restaurant are excited.

"People want to help and want to get involved and when you're passionate about it, they're passionate about it," Holmes said.

With 66 people at Hope Harbor alone, there are many mouths to feed.

"When we pair the cash donation with the items that the community has donated to us, canned goods and pantry items, we're able to stretch the dollar a little longer, but it will definitely last us for a while," Mayfield said.

The event runs all day Nov. 14 so if you'd like to help make sure to stop by any of the participating locations so that you can enjoy your night out while others enjoy their night in.

For a list of participating restaurants, click here.

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