Dozens of semis stranded after I-80 closed

    Semi Trucks (KHGI)

    "Better safe than sorry, they shut it down for a reason," said one trucker trying to make it to Ogallala.

    About 75 semis filled The Archway parking lot and lining First Street, some even spilling onto Second Avenue.

    Each one there over night following the closing of I-80.

    "We was trucking down the road, coming on down 80, hoping we'd get to California and when we got right here in Kearney right here," said CR England trucker and trainer, Donnell White. "The officers had the road blocked and I was like, 'Aww man, something going on,' and they veered us off over here. We've been here since yesterday evening around probably 4:30."

    While some truckers said safety needs to be a priority, others said essentials and amenities should also be considered when stopping traffic at The Archway, which is closed due to weather.

    "There was a truck stop down at exit 257," said SAV express trucker Leonard Johnson. "They should have at least let us go somewhere where we can go to the bathroom take a shower at least get something to eat because that place back there's closed so they just hung us out here to dry and that's bull s---."

    Despite the conditions, Nebraska hospitality still rung true.

    "We had a gentleman come by here last night and was offering to take people over to the cafes and help us out so it worked out nice," said the Ogallala-bound trucker.

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