County fair season means work season for fair food vendors

    County fair season means work season for fair food vendors (NTV News)

    For many, fair time is a break from school or work to get out and spend a day with food and good music.

    However, for others it is just another day on the job.

    It might be all fun and games on the outside, but on the inside, people are hard at work, providing that fair experience the best way they know how - with food.

    The Chuckwagon is a family-owned food truck that began just eight years ago near the Black Hills of South Dakota, when George Regan’s parents decided to open the business part time.

    Over the years, George has made this a full-time job and recruited other family members as well.

    "For me, I always got tired of working for other people, so it was kind of like a win–win for both parts. Now I get to run it and watch my parents work with me, so always working with your parents and your family is great and putting money into my family's pockets is always a good feeling,”’ said Regan.

    "Oh I like it, it's fun. You get to see rodeos and concerts and all that. You get to be with your family and travel around. My parents are getting older so it's just a good family business,” said Dalene Willson, a Regan family member.

    The Chuckwagon sells burgers, jerky and some fun flavored brats.

    George said they have been to over four states and have dabbled in more than just fairs.

    "Grand openings for businesses, we do catering, small catering jobs, but we do specialize in a lot of county and state fairs,” said Regan.

    Picking up all that work has helped their business expand.

    George said at times, they run up to three food carts.

    "We just bought a new trailer, so this is a new trailer we just got. So that was nice, starting from something used and then watching it grow,” said Regan.

    The Chuckwagon will be making its way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota next, spreading the family business with their burgers, jerky and eclectic flavored brats like rattlesnake and elk.

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