Flood conditions pose a threat to drinking water


    After the recent weather event that caused flooding issues for counties in Nebraska, a serious threat to drinking water is the now the concern.

    Area residents and businesses with flooded private water wells or with changes in taste, smell or cloudiness may be at risk of consuming contaminated water.

    “The only way to know that your drinking water well has been contaminated with bacteria is to test it," Steve Walker, Lab Scientist, said.

    It is up to private water system owners to assure their drinking water is safe for consumption. If folks suspect that their drinking water was contaminated be sure to boil water or drink commercial bottled water.

    Coliform bacteria is possible but it does not directly cause a disease, but can be associated with other, such as shigella, salmonella and E. coli.

    To test the safety of your drinking water, test kits may be picked up at the Central District Health Department located at 1137 S. Locust St, Grand Island, NE. or they can be mailed on request. For questions about safe drinking water or to request a test kit, you can contact the health department at 308-385-5175.

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