Grand Island Senior High seniors graduate, hope to leave as role models

Grand Island Senior High seniors graduate, hope to leave as role models (NTV News)

As area schools are celebrating their seniors in commencement, Grand Island Senior High is graduating a class that has had its hardships and triumphs.

Every class at Grand Island High School may be special, but the class of 2018 may have a bond that many freshman, sophomores and juniors can look up to.

Brian Covarrubias is one of the 520 seniors being recognized for making it to graduation.

Not everyone who began as a freshman, however, is here today.

“Myself, I was in an accident my sophomore year and one of my close friends actually passed away in the same accident. Throughout the last couple years after that, everyone's kind of came together,” said Brian.

Brian said his class actually had a tribute to his late friend, Nick Galvan, last Friday.

That is not the only way these students have come together for a classmate.

"We like, all like banded together and we all made sure two special needs kids got nominated and both won for homecoming king and queen and they're like, their name is Dante and Kylie and they're super cool kids and they're always saying hi to people in the hallway and they're just really good people” said Monroe Walker, another GISH senior.

These seniors hope to make a lasting impression on the younger class mates - one of support and positivity.

"I think it's just best shown as like, we're all just being nice to each other and like, we're not putting anyone down for their disabilities or anything like that,” said Monroe Walker, a senior.

"It shows the younger kids that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, or where you come from, that sort of stuff, everyone’s willing to be friends with everyone. So it's just really nice and shows what kind of role models we are,” said Brian.

Principal Gilbertson said if there is one thing he hopes the class of 2018 remembers, it is where they came from.

“Please remember, class of 2018, where you came from and boldly pursue your career in college and life ambitions,” said Gilbertson.

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