Give Where You Live hopes to raise funds for 149 charities

(NTV News)

Give Where You Live is underway. It supports 149 charities and has raised 2.1 million dollars since its inception in 2013.

"It helps a variety of things," said Judi Sickler, Kearney Area Community Foundation. "Maybe it's keeping their lights on, maybe its feeding dogs, maybe its helping folks get through some mental health issues. There's just all kinds of causes and that's what makes our community great, is people give back to things they're passionate about and support things that help improve our quality of life."

One of those many causes is LiveStrong at the YMCA in Kearney.

"Our goal this year is $10,000," said Cindy Mangels, associate executive director of Kearney Family YMCA. "We have over thirty different people riding bikes and raising awareness and dollars for the program."

"The LiveStrong program is a free program for cancer survivors that they'll be able to come in to a small group setting of about six to 12 and not only work on their strength and mobility, but be able to do many other things they often become a community within themselves," said Brooke White, LiveStrong at the YMCA.

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