Grand Island Firefighters gear up to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence

Grand Island Firefighters gear up to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence (NTV News)

The wraith of Hurricane Florence is not yet over and first responders across the nation are being deployed to areas in Virginia and the Carolinas

In Grand Island, members of the fire department have trained up in case they are called on to help.

On Tuesday, Nebraska Task Force One team worked on evacuating a nursing home of 124 residents in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

Firefighters back home held down the fort but the folks of Grand Island are not the only people these responders answer to.

"They let you know right away that when the call comes in to the center in Lincoln, by all the rules, we have four hours to be there and be ready to be on the road going wherever,” said Sheehan.

Seven members of the Grand Island Fire Department are part of the Nebraska Task Force One team.

Pat Sheehan works as one of the rescue specialists and he said they put in roughly 150 hours of training.

"Trench rescue, structural building collapse, anything where somebody might be rescued we've been going through training to deal with and mitigate the situations,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan said the one thing they stress during training is teamwork and focusing on the job at hand.

He said the last Nebraska group that left for the Carolinas was just half of a team of 88 skilled responders.

One of those deployed responders is G.I.’s Travis Mitchell.

He works as one of the groups hazardous materials specialist.

"You'll have structural engineers that go with, doctors are with us, other paramedic/medical specialists, dog handlers that will bring K–9's to help with the search. It's a whole self–sufficient group of people,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan said his team was gearing up for another training session, but with the group deployed in North Carolina, resources were needed elsewhere.

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