Grand Island looking for winter storm volunteers

Lincoln seeks volunteers for parks cleanup throughout year. (MGN)

The Grand Island Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team is looking for volunteers to help them during this storm.

REACT helps people affected by severe weather conditions.

They assist any 24-hour organization that needs help navigating this weather and helping places like nursing homes, hospitals or even if you get stuck on the road.

The president of the REACT team said they're looking for volunteer cooks, people to answer emergency phones, and up to 25 drivers.

"We'll send them out on the routes, but like I said, they won't go out alone, we'll always team them up in pairs," said Jeremy Smith, president of REACT. "And we will give them the correct paper work so that way they're fully informed as to what's going on as well as the proper training on how to fill out the paper work and the logs."

If you'd like to volunteer, make a donation or even if you need assistance call 402-316-2313.

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