Gubernatorial candidate: third party win possible in Nebraska

Sen. Bob Krist

State Senator Bob Krist talked with NTV News shortly after announcing his run for governor.

"I've never been one to sit back and criticize. I'm going to step forward and try to present myself as the next leader of the state of Nebraska," he said.

Sen. Krist said his top priorities would be reforming how taxes are collected and assessed in an effort to reduce property taxes and prison reform.

He said he'll be running against Gov. Pete Ricketts as an independent, switching parties after his last term in the legislature.

"What I think would be difficult is to stay within the normal track system. I think you're seeing it all over the United States and people are, in my estimation, disgusted, if not discouraged with the two party system that seems to control everything that we live, eat and breathe," said Krist. "What would be suicide is trying to win a primary against a billionaire."

Sen. Krist said, although he now represents the Omaha area, his district is diverse and he plans to listen to all Nebraskans.

To hear the whole interview, check out the video above.

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